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My First Blog Post!

24 June 2017 1 min read

Right - I’ll start by saying that I’m very unfamiliar with the concept of blogging. What am I doing? I’m well out of my comfort zone. Awkward feelings aside, I thought that this might be quite a nice way for me to introduce myself to you all a little less formally!

Myself Venu. I’m a 19-year-old boy as of a month ago (…the age part, not the boy part). I’m on the final leg of my first year of graduate engineering school at the Amrita University, Kerala. I completed my +2 and Secondary, in my native i.e Hyderabad, a year back which feels like a lifetime ago now. After that, I joined in Amrita in ECE which later I could somehow be managed into CSE.

Anyway, Engineering, as I’m sure many of you know, is a completely routine ball game. Had you asked me three years ago what clubbing was, I’d have said something about bright lights, loud music, and technical fouls. Now, I’d tell you that it’s a “write a program..” most commonly “a Fibonacci series”. But seriously speaking, I opted this completely out of my interest.

Now coming to my blog, named vchr0mbi3 Diary, is completely conventional to most of the blogs which depict the life experiences of the bloggers. On this site I’m gonna tell my various things which I did, doing, do. At the moment I’m starting to work on some stuff to get up on the website. Please give me any feedback you have.

I think that’s about enough from me this time. I’m hungry. I’ll be uploading again in not too long, I’m sure. Thanks for having a read!

Have a great weekend, everyone!