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Kharagpur Winter of Code - Week 5

04 January 2018 1 min read

Hello guys,

As this the last week of coding period for KWoC 17, I have been working with all the reports of the contributions I made to the projects as I have to submit a final report by January 7.

I have also added one more series to tvseries ie, Narcos. I was talking with my friend cum uncle (yes, he is uncle to me but of the same age :P) about this project and I asked him to suggest some good web series so that some good content go into the project by me.

Later, he suggested me to add Narcos. I did that with the refernece of the Pull Request #57.

Later after adding I had some merge conflicts as there is a change in the old repo and that made sick because all of four Pull Requests has to be updated to the latest copy of the project. I spent some hours to solve those issues. I resolved those conflicts. The latest commit was made to all the PRs.

Later, I did not add any series because I want to learn some more new things instead of hanging on only issue which I have solved already. So, I would like to work with Athitya Kumar’s TVSERIES all along my way.

I would also be posting the final report of Kharagpur Winter of Code 17 very soon. Stay Updated..