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Kharagpur Winter of Code - Week 2

16 December 2017 3 mins read

Hello Buddies,

I am back with one more status update. One more week ended and it’s time to share my work with you people.

So, it is the second week and I am focusing on my main projects instead of taking simple issues from other projects. This week, I worked on a couple of very interesting projects.

> Parth-Vader/YoutubeDataCollector 👀

Okay, I was really interested in this project as I want to create a chrome extension (have a different idea) and contributing to this project may help to my project. Moreover, this project has a very good idea. This project is a Chrome Extension which stores all the data of the Youtube Videos you have watched recently.

So, for getting started I need to learn how a chrome extension is actually built and how it works. So, I surfed over the some websites to get this information and then I was ready to contribute.I modified the page a bit and added an youtube link to the chrome extension so that one can go directly to the Youtube from the extension itself. Also I came with a new logo for the project. As it deals with Youtube and History, I created a new logo for the same. I made many changes to the README also.

So, a total of 17 commits for two issues Add a suitable favicon #6 and Beautify readme #7. I gave two Pull Requests for these two issues #8, #9. Happily, both of them got merged.

> udiboy1209/fast_playlist

This project is one of the main projects which I took very seriously. Since it is a webapp, I thought contribution to this will help me in the future. It is like a normal video player which plays only online youtube videos but it’s key feature is it’s speed. It is comparatively fast than Youtube. You can check out this here, fast_playlist.

So, with reference to this issue Implement shuffle feature #12, I started working on this app. The task was to implement a shuffle feature in this webapp like that of the shuffle feature in music player apps. Initially, I searched for some solutions and I decided to use Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm here. It was relatively tuff as I have to understand the codebase and I have to figure it out where the algorithm goes.

But later on, I found a small trick which can somewhat solve this issue and I submitted a PR #22. I actually changed playNext() and playPrev() functions for making it simple without integrating with the algorithms. But my mentor was not satisfied with this. You can see the conversation and get some clear idea over it. So, the PR was left un-merged and I am currently working with that implementation.

Hope I will do it soon!

There is another project for which I am continously working on. The project is athityakumar/tvseries. The main barrier is the project itself has a lot of bugs which I will discussing in the next blog post and it requires some serious debugging and a lot of time and patience. Hope I will do that by the next week.