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Kharagpur Winter of Code - Week 1

07 December 2017 3 mins read

Hello Everyone..

So, I am back with the first weekly report of Kharagpur Winter of Code 17. I started looking into the projects from Nov 28 itself and I bookmarked few projects so that, I can work on these initially (to know how KWoC actually works). As I am a newbie, I don’t want to directly dive into a 9 ft swimming pool. 🏊‍

So, below, I will list out all the projects that I have contributed in the first week of KWoC’17 and mention the work, I have done for the projects.

> mubaris/motivate 😃

A simple script to print random motivational quotes on the terminal. I took up the issue Add more quotes #3 Add more quotes. The task is quite simple. All you have to do is to scrap some quotes and create a new JSON file with the attributes Author and Quote. So, I completed that with this PR #85 which got merged later on.

> the-ethan-hunt/B.E.N.J.I. 🤖

So, I was having a look at this project which was a digital assistant for your device that uses speech-recognition to obey your commands. It had an issue Add badges #35. I was not at all aware what these badges are. I thought of having a look at that issue and I googled about the Badges in the and I got a clarity what to do and I then created some badges using and I made a PR #38 which got merged. All this happened within few hours itself. 🙂 (Thanks to the mentor.)

> sipah00/CrickFev 🏏

Another project was CrickFev which is a command line tool to see cricket updates on the terminal itself. It had an issue update gif demo #17 which states the in the demo (, use of all commands is not shown. I took that issue and and started deploying that game on my machine. I faced few difficulties while installing but sorted it using StackOverflow, the savior of all time. Also, I improved the by adding some badges which I learnt before. The issue got closed after my PR #21.

> NITDgpOS/AirHockey 🏒

It is a python game implemented using the pygame package. It had an issue Update screenshot in readme #41. This issue is mostly like the previous project. All you have to do is to deploy and run the game and screenshot the screens available in the game and include them in the which I completed, though I had some initial issues (thanks to StackOverflow). My PR #70 got merged.

> prateekiiest/Code-Sleep-Python </>💤 🐍

This repository contains a curated list of some of the awesome small projects made in Python. So, I thought of adding my ‘floating text in terminal’ program which I coded long back to this repository. In reference to the issues Add simple games #41, I submitted my code to this repo along with few extra changes like 6db7e17, def2516. Also, I fixed few errors 9efffa2, cbad7bb through the PR #89.

That’s the end of the week #1 report. Currently, I am working exclusively on few projects only. They are athityakumar/tvseries, udiboy1209/fast_playlist and Parth-Vader/YoutubeDataCollector. I will be back soon with the next week report.

Now that the leaderboard is live, you can check my status anytime at