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An Opportunity To Learn

05 December 2017 2 mins read

Hello Guys,

I am back with an another blog post in which I want to share with you about my new step, KWoC.

After Hacktoberfest’17, I was little busy with my approaching semester exams. so I was a bit away from Open Source. Later on, I came back to Hyderabad due to the very long winter vacation (till Jan 2). So, I came along with my laptop ❤ so that I can work in my home. Ya, I am happy to see my family after a long time.

Coming to the point, I was just scrolling my fb feed while I was chatting with my friend then, I came to see a photo of one of my old schoolmate’s. Then I started stalking his profile. I felt happy for him by seeing that he studies in IIT-Kharagpur now. Then few things flashed as soon as I saw Kharagpur. I made myself calm and started thinking, apologies, I have a weak memory power.

Then flash back starts here, dated back to March, while I was working with heroku, I came to see this KHARAGPUR WINTER OF CODE 16 website. Being new to open source, it fascinated me. I decided to participate but that usually happens in the Winter around December. I was late by then. So what, 2017 is my year. I got my spirits and decided to particpate in KWoC 17, but never thought of it again. (Thanks to my memory again)

Hmm, this was my boring story, how I got started my another new step, KWoC 17. Initially I googled for it and got to the KWoC’17 website and cleared all the registrations of the website and I read few reviews of KWoC in Quora and few blogs and got my boost.

Details about KWoC :

Kharagpur Winter of Code is a 5-week long online programme for the students, who are new to open source software development. The programme not only helps students to get involved in open source, but also preps them for many open source summer programmes, Google Summer of Code being one of them.


This programme is conducted by KOSS, which is a club like FOSS in our college. Just like the regular Season of Codes, here also you have to choose projects from the list and start working on according to the schedule. Project Mentors will be helping the students if any one is stuck somewhere.

Life gives chances to everyone, you just have to wait for your turn. I see this KWoC programme as a mock for GSOC ’18. This is my chance and this programme is very important to me and I will give my best effort to be in the top (in the rankings) at the end of the evaluation.

Cheers!! 🙂