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My OpenSource Step - Hacktoberfest 2017

02 November 2017 2 mins read

Hello Folks,

I am back with one more blog post in which I will let you know what I did in this October in which I took a step, Making my first PR 🙌🎉

What is Hacktoberfest?

Celebrate open source this October by participating in Hacktoberfest, a month-long festival of code organized by our friends at DigitalOcean and hosted on GitHub.

To participate, simply open a pull request and contribute to any open source project. You can fix a bug, add a feature, or even improve some documentation. If you make four pull requests by October 31st, you’ll get the satisfaction of sharing your code with the world—and a t-shirt and some cool stuff, of course.

What I did?

Now I will tell what all things I did. After registering I was searching for some good projects to contribute to, then I found this repository Hidden Courses in Codecademy. The basic idea was simple and straight “Here you will find a collection of hidden courses on Codecademy which are not visible in the dashboard of the official Codecademy website.

But the main issue, the web page sucks. The main motto was to develop the page into a good and attractive page.


Along with few members, I was involved in this project to make it attractive, responsive and also to add more links to the page. I worked for almost three days making various changes in it, also discussing with the team about more more isuues. By the way, I completed my four PRs in this project itself. All the PR of mine to this project got merged and I am happy about that. 😁


Apart from this project, I contributed to Moz-NIEC organization also. The interesting part is here I was talking about this Hacktoberfest with my friend and I posted my WhatsApp status with the contributions I made with the caption “looking forward”. The very next day, I got a mail from DigitalOcean offering me goodies as I completed the Hacktoberfest succesfully. Time to celebrate 🍾🍻

Venu Vardhan Reddy Tekula’s answer to What made your day today?


Finally, I am happy to say that this is my first step to OpenSource and Hacktoberfest made it easy and delightful. 😊

Happy Hacking!!