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Day Out at Munroe Island

30 June 2019 3 mins read

Recently the amFOSS club members planned to keep a day off and plan for a trip. Upon Vipin Sir’s suggestion, six of us went to Munroe Island and spent a whole day there. I would like to share the experience of the trip in this blog post.

Munroe Island or Mundrothuruthu is an inland island group formed at the confluence of the backwaters of the Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River. We went to the Island by taking a train from Oachira to Munroturuttu railway station. Just costed 10 rupees, very cheap I know. 🙊

We walked all the way from the railway station to the village, taking pictures in between and having fun. Our first stop was the Kalluvila Sreekrishna Temple. We saw this place in the Google Maps and planned to visit the temple. :innocent:

The temple was so peaceful and serene. It is located on the backwaters and the whole view was absolutely fanstastic. The temple is really beautiful which is perfectly standing on the banks of the backwaters. We stayed at the place for sometime and enjoyed the view.

We walked along the backwaters and by this time we are already hungry. We decided to eat the authentic Kerala fish food and selected a place according to the local’s opinion. We went to Ambu Lal’s Hotel. We were stuck on the other side of the backwater, he then came and took us to his place in his boat.

We had the best lunch so far. The perfect Kerala feast. I ate Karimeen, a type of freshwater fish, for the first time. It was really tasty.

Then we planned to go for boating after sometime. Untill they boat had arrived, we went out for a small walk to see what is around and found a really good view point there. We sat for sometime and we tried fishing too. But yeah we didn’t catch one, sed life. 😶

We went for boating later on. We got onto the small boat and we got paddles to row the boat. We were boating for two hours after that but it didn’t feel two hours has passed. We never got tired of rowing. We went through many waterways and the experience was absolutely unforgettable.

I have a few videos too, which I couldn’t upload it because of the size constraint. You can view them here in this Blog Photos Album.

After two hours of boating over there, we returned back to the place had lunch. We had snacks over there and the etta dropped us at the railway station and we headed back to Amritapuri, with the beautiful experiences of the day at Munroe. Next on list - Thanjavur, Gokarna and many more. 😁