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ABC @ Vallikkav 2017

15 August 2017 3 mins read

Hello Folks,

Today, Amritians day out cleaning the environment for a better India. Vallikkavu village became the hotspot for Ayudh’s ABC this time in honor of the 71st Independence day of India. Members of Ayudh Amritapuri chapters participated in the campaign.

So, let me tell you about ABC. The abbreviation for ABC is Amala Bharatam Campaign. Amma launched this project for the very first time on her 57th Birthday celebrations on 27th Sep 2010. These are the words spoken by Amma on various occasions about the ABC

“India is an atomic power. India is scientifically and economically advancing. Many reports say India is poised to be the third largest power in the world by 2025. But in terms of cleanliness, we still are in diapers.” – Amma

“Tourists are usually welcomed by beautiful girls. But what these tourists see of our motherland when they go out is a filthy country. Actually, they have become to see beautiful India, but we don’t realize this. Today, our beautiful India has become a leprosy-stricken person. We should first strive to restore the purity, beauty, and health of this mother.” – Amma

“Just as we bathe daily in order to keep our bodies clean, and just as we use perfumes, we should ensure that we maintain the cleanliness of our roads and public places, which are parts of our country’s body.” – Amma

ABC logo

The aims of Amala Bharatam Campaign

  1. To embrace new practical initiatives to clean India, promote health through hygiene, sort garbage, and properly dispose of waste.
  2. To make people more aware of the need to maintain environmental cleanliness.

So, as a tradition, members of AYUDH conduct these Cleanup Drives regularly, on some special occasions like Independence Day, Onam, Amritavarsham and many more in various places.

me last year

As being a part of the previous year Cleanup Drive, I thought of going today also with the same spirit of service. Today the Campaign started at 3:00 PM. I was so surprised to see a lot of Telugu people actively participated in the today’s event.

ABC logo

I was given Spot-1 ( Mary Statue to Vallikkav Junction ) along with some seniors to guide the juniors (as they are new to it). Our subgroup consists of 10 people (8 first years and 2 seconds). After a continuous cleanup of one hour, we had a break (where we received some refreshments 😋 ) and got to work after that. Our group members had a nice talk during the break.

Every Spot (group) completed their work by 5.30 PM, then everyone returned to the college cheering slogans “Vande-Mataram” and “Bharat Mata ki-Jai”. We then took some photos in the college and refreshments again.

Then everyone (freshmen) dispersed from there as they were getting late to their hostels. We remained their packing all the equipment and making preparations for the next event “Bharat Mata Pooja”, which is on 17 of this month.

So, coming to the main motto of this campaign is Clean India. Better India.

Let’s make this possible by supporting these campaigns and keep your surroundings clean.

pic-credits : AYUDH Amritapuri

Thank you 🙂